Music Submission

Tunepond constantly looks for new artists to join our journey. Our business model and market segment differ from others. We are a growing stock music agency and we strive hard to expand our customer base everyday. Our music has been used by individuals, creative professionals, producers, studios, film makers and others. We offer variety of products and services to our customers in a different dimension. Before you apply as an artist, it is essential to know about how we work and how you have to work with us, as an artist.

Our artists can sell the following products through our platform:

1. Stock Music Packs

A conceptualized music pack that contains up to 30 tracks based on one theme or related ideas, however this may include one or more genres or sub-genres. For example, an artist can include the tracks composed in various middle eastern styles or genres like Turkish Chiftetelli, Arabian Khaligi, Egytian Saidi and other related styles in a music pack titled as “TRADITIONAL MUSIC OF MIDDLE EAST”, however it is unacceptable to include an irrelevant styles like Samba or Salsa.

Artists who are interested in producing and submitting a music pack should ensure that all of the submitted tracks are related to each other and covered under one concept or theme.

2. Stock Audio

An artist can choose this option to submit an individual track or set of tracks either frequently or occassionaly. We accept your compositions in any genre. Please ensure you are submitting high quality master files. Submitting different versions of a same track is not allowed. Each track will be reviewed carefully by our inspection team.

3. Sound Effects & Sample Packs

We accept unique sample packs and sound effect files. Our inspection team reviews and you will be noticed upon approval.

4. Music Albums / Singles

We do sell music albums on our store and through our partner network. You can also sell your singles, ep and music albums (new or existing) through our platforms that creates a new revenue stream for you. Our selection process is tedious and rewarding only to the deserving music artists.

Submission Process:

1. Once you are ready with your files, please upload it to google drive or dropbox in an organized manner and send the link to

2. Upon approval from our review team. We send you a contract, read it, sign it and send it to us. Once we receive your signed contract, approved files will be published and made available for sale.

3. Please do not submit your music, if you are a P.R.O registered artist. We don’t accept P.R.O registered works. Also, we do not accept the tracks that are registered on YouTube Content ID program.

4. Please note that, our contract is perpetual and you can never take down the submitted music content. Your music remains in our with forever. To be more transparent, the simple reason is that, we spread your files across our entire network and it is not possible for us to take down completely. Another reason is that, we provide guarantee to our clients for the availability and accessibility of the purchased file all the time as they obtain worldwide perpetual license from us. If you are unsure, please consult your legal advisor before you enter the contract.

Music Submission Requirements:

  • High Quality WAVE files only
  • Bit depth: 16 or 24 bit
  • Sample rate: 44.1 or 48 kHz
  • Duration ≤ 6 minutes
  • File size ≤ 60 MB per file

We look for extreme quality and uniqueness in your submissions. We only consider your music content, if it falls under any of the following genres:

  • Ambient / Chill out / Lounge
  • Ethnic / Folk / World
  • Traditional
  • Easy Listening
  • Cinematic / Epic

* the above condition applies to sample libraries, loops, albums and production music. Tunepond offers no extension for front-end registrations and submissions.