For music artists, we create an active source for your additional income; for customers, we have created an awesome online shop to license high quality music in a more simplified manner and at an unbelievable prices.

Yes, we offer 3 simple licenses that permit to use in any personal or educational or commercial projects.

Music packs are offered at discounted price, so you can save big.

Our collection does not cover all genres or styles and it is limited. However, we are putting constant efforts to expand our library with more music packs and tracks every month. You can also request for the kind of music that is required for your project.

There are many reasons to consider Tunepond:

  1. We offer simple licenses that cover broader usage rights (other services many not offer)
  2. You can buy a license at as low as $ 3.00 per track, if you buy on à la carte basis.
  3. The price is further discounted, if you buy a music pack. (we are confident that no other services on the web can offer this)
  4. Our collection is minimal and easy to select, but we offer rare and unique music.
  5. For a price of single track on other websites, we offer extended license that cover all usage rights.
  6. There are more reasons, we cannot disclose everything, it's secret!

We offer a better plan than anybody else in this universe, just pay once and become our premium member; we grant you a lifetime access and all future additions at free of cost. We also offer 1 year subscription as well at a price of 1 month subscription that you pay on other sites.

No you cannot, as per our contract, we purchase your music content for a one-time fee and in exchange you transfer all moral, legal and commercial rights to Tunepond. Tunepond will gain full ownership and all rights after execution of contract. However, the contract does not limit you working for other agencies or clients.

No, you don't need a login to buy a license; unless you subscribe for a premium membership. We recommend our premium members to register an account to access all future additions, otherwise you may not be able to download the future releases.

No, at present the number of allowed downloads is limited to 5 times and you have 30 days to download the files. We request you to store the purchased files safely for your future usage. Only premium members can access the files anytime they want.